Coastal Oaks Buildng Solutions Structural Repairs Rockport-Fulton TX
Coastal Oaks Building Solutions Structural Repairs Rockport-Fulton Tx
COastal Oaks Building Solutions Structural Repairs Rockport-Fulton Texas

Knowing the early warning signs of structural deficiencies or construction defects can head off problems that ultimately could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix.  The sooner you identify potential problems, the easier and less expensive it is to correctly repair the issue.  A structural problem can manifest itself in many different ways.  Do you have cracked or bowed walls, a sagging roof line or ceiling, bulges or dips in floors, doors that won’t close? Any of these can be signs of structural problems.

Moisture intrusion into the building envelope system can lead to major structural problems within your home if not caught right away.  Does your home or business have water damage and stains that can be seen on walls, floors, or ceilings?  Do you have mold beginning to grow on walls, boxes, or on anything else?  Perhaps your home is starting to smell musty.  Are the wooden support beams and floor joists beginning to have signs of rotting, warping, or deteriorating?  Regardless of the cause of the problem, Coastal Oaks Building Solutions will get to the bottom of it and recommend the best course of action for getting the problem taken care of quickly and effectively.

If you are experiencing a structural problem in your home or business, Coastal Oaks Building Solutions will conduct a thorough evaluation and let you know what steps need to be taken to permanently stabilize your structure and restore the value to your greatest investment.


Coastal Oaks Building Solutions has performed a variety of structural repairs, and each situation presented a unique solution with different variables.  We perform structural repairs based upon our own evaluation, or design plan and specifications developed by an independent engineer and/or architect.  We evaluate the scope of work for every project, provide a detailed cost estimate, prioritize the construction schedule, communicate the construction progress and timeline throughout the project, and ensure quality workmanship.

Common structural problems found include cracks in the walls, doors that don’t shut properly, and floors that feel like a roller coaster ride.  Most of these issues can be corrected allowing secondary repairs to the cosmetic issues.  Sagging beams and floor joists are often cause by improper spacing of existing pier columns, effectively overloading the beams and causing them to bend and sag.  Wood rot and termite damage can also cause beams and joists to weaken.

Some roof framing systems are not braced adequately or properly and roof sections begin to sag over time.  These issues can be repaired with additional bracing or by transferring the roof load to the proper location.  An evaluation may have revealed insufficient support, wood rot and termite damage, or water/moisture damage.

Whether a vehicle has just hit your house or business, a tree has fallen on the structure, or you have endured any other disaster, Coastal Oaks Building Solutions is one call away from coming to your aid.